Martin MacLeod

Martin is a well-known teacher, scientist, and technical consultant in the kraft pulp sector. He likes the challenge of making the scientific fundamentals and unique attributes of kraft pulping understandable to people working directly in mill operations.
Tony Johnson 


Tony has been immersed in the world of kraft mill operations and equipment for three decades. In his global professional practice, he has put his engineering knowledge to work for AMEC-Beca at dozens of mill sites. Tony continually tracks new developments in the kraft sector, giving him a broad perspective of the latest facts and trends in fibreline design.


Bill Fuller


Bill runs FRM Consulting (FRM denotes fiber raw materials), and he has broad and deep knowledge of how to obtain, characterize, and provide the right wood fibres to kraft pulp mills. And he likes FISH.






Surprise! We think you are teachers too, and can share your knowledge and experience with your fellow students and the "official" teachers. We'll put this proposition to the test in the classroom, and during the small-group technical challenges and the games.


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