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Weyerhaeuser at Longview, WA


In 1995, the current fiberline at Weyerhaeuser's Longview, WA, mill replaced a much older one on the same site. It has a 1200 tpd two-vessel hydraulic Lo-Solids Kamyr digester, followed by a pressure diffuser, a single-stage medium-consistency oxygen delignification system with wash presses fore and aft, and a DEpD bleach plant. The fiberline is designed to rapidly swing among three different chip furnishes. As well as making market pulp, it supplies the reinforcing pulp for the 2000-tpd North Pacific Paper newsprint mill next door.



                        Two-vessel digester (right)                     Inspecting chips                DEpD bleach plant

                         pressure diffuser (middle)                                                              with diffusion washers


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