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Howe Sound at Port Mellon, BC


Howe Sound Pulp & Paper (now part of the Paper Excellence Group) is a 1990-vintage integrated pulp and paper mill. It has a 1200-tpd fibreline for bleached softwood kraft pulp, most of which is market pulp. The remainder goes to a high-quality 600 tpd newsprint machine at the mill, as does thermomechanical pulp from a three-line TMP plant. Being a sea-front mill, most of the wood chips come by barge.

The kraft fiberline begins with a two-vessel hydraulic Kamyr Lo-Solids digester system running under "modified" conditions. Then there's a two-stage atmospheric diffuser, a two-stage oxygen delignification system (the reactors are the same size), and a split-flow DoEopDnD bleach plant incorporating newer and older stages. A large pulp dryer completes the fiberline. The pulp mill runs a complicated schedule of species-controlled pulp grades using different proportions of four principal chip furnishes.




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