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Two-day Course

 Typical Schedule 

Day 1


Wood and Chip Quality for Optimal Kraft Pulping

Martin MacLeod

Wood species and chip size are critical


Connecting Theory to Actual Kraft Pulping Operations in Mill Equipment

Martin MacLeod

How the science of kraft pulping is applied in mills


Continuous Digester Operations (what happens in each section of a digester system)


Martin MacLeod


The science and technology of cooking, and how to get the intended results

Day 2
Martin MacLeod Washer types and washing performance
Oxygen Delignification & Pulp Bleaching                                
Martin MacLeod Equipment, chemistry, and operating practice
pm Pulp Strength Martin MacLeod How to produce it -- and retain it
  Stump the Expert
(throughout the course)
You Unlimited Q&A
  Kraft Jeopardy! Alex MacLeod Game time! Prizes!!!


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